Laser Dentistry

Since their development in 1960, lasers have become powerful tools. Laser applications in dentistry have similarly evolved and have become powerful and indispensable dental tools. We use laser technology in several ways.

  • Bio-med laser

This laser helps in curing composite resins. These tooth-colored materials are used in reconstructing chipped teeth, filling cavities in visible areas of the mouth, or sealing teeth to protect them from decay. The dentist paints on the composite, and then focuses a narrow beam of light to harden, or cure, it. The intense light alters the physical properties of the composite, linking its small molecules into longer ones, which adds great strength.

  • Hygienist laser

Hygienists use a laser procedure to improve and repair gum disease. A diode laser is used in combination with a micro-ultrasonic hand instrument that detaches the biofilm from the tooth surface. The diode laser is then used to sterilize the periodontal pockets and remove any infected tissue. As the old tissue is removed, clots form and the body’s natural healing response takes over; as this occurs, the tissue reattaches to the bone and the gums return to a healthy, infection-free state.

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