No Pain Dentistry

New and safe sedation dental techniques mean you can have years of dental treatments done quickly, with little or no discomfort. The means to make your visit more comfortable include:

  • Whisper Jet

With the Whisper Jet decay removal system, needles and drills are no longer necessary when filling your small to moderate cavities. The Whisper Jet decay removal system uses high-pressure air and powder instead of drills and most often anesthesia is not required.

  • Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is completely safe. You will be given a pill, which you take one hour prior to your dental appointment. Due to the sedative, which lasts from 5-6 hours, you will need to have a companion accompany you to and from the office. When the procedure begins, you will be resting in a very comfortable chair and covered with a thick, warm blanket. Your vital signs will be carefully monitored throughout the treatment. When the procedures are completed, your companion will take you home where you can finish your relaxing sleep.

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